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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where does time Go ????

I cannot believe it's the 18th of January already...I have been a little busy with planning my Dad's 80th Birthday!! between work and all the other things in our regular life, I have some how forgotten about my Blog...opps. I  have not had much time to craft either, but things should calm down after this weekend, famous last words, right?? I have a few projects I want to get to work on.  I have been trying to do a mini album celebrating my hubby's and mine 20th wedding anniversary, I have also wanted to do a project with those Martha Stewart Doilies that a very sweet girl from 2peas sent me last fall.  I am sure other things will come up as well, especially with Valentine's just around the corner :-) Well I am going to run, Courtney has a hockey game tonight.


     Here is a photo I took of Courtney and two of her friends at the fireworks last week, our home town is turning 100 years old this year, and they had firework to celebrate, the fireworks were amazing, kinda fun to see them in the winter, we usually go to see them in the summer for Canada Day, it was a beautiful night.

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