The Lavender Fields

Monday, November 29, 2010

Vintage Photos and our History....

I have been collecting vintage photos from my family members, and I am determined to find out as much as I can about these photos and who is in them, and document all of this info.  My Mom recently gave me this photo of her as a little girl (about two years old) in the photo is her Grandfather, Aunt and Sister. The photo was taken in 1937, we are not sure who took the photo, but my Mom does not have very many photos of her as a child, because her family did not have a camera, so the only photos are from friends or other family members.  I am making separate scrapbooks for my family and one for Pete's family, I want to scrapbook all these memories while there still are people to tell the stories, so my children will know a little about their families past.
I made the flower with cardstock from Papertrey Ink,  I used a tutorial by Lisa Johnson ( she is on the design team for Papertrey Ink) where you die cut the flowers using Papertrey cardstock I used  Berry Sorbet because it matched this beautiful paper from Webster Pages perfectly and using their die (Beautiful Blooms #2 die) You distess the edges and layer them altogher to get this beautiful flower, I have only had luck making these flowers with Papertrey ink cardstock, no other cardstock works....I also used their Mat stack die #3 and Limitles layers die, oh and the button is also Papertrey Ink, matches the papers perfectly.  Thanks for  stoping by.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I am such a proud hockey Mom !!

    We spent this past weekend in Ottawa with my daughters hockey team, they were competing in the Gloucester annual hockey tournament. They were playing in a division two levels higher than their own, because of space availability. These girls wowed us, as parents !! They played their best hockey we have seen this season. Our coaches just wanted the girls to play some hockey at a competative level and do some bonding, but they did so much more, they competed at the level of some very physical and stronger teams, and ended up going to the finals, and coming home with a silver medal.  I am so  proud  of these young ladies. This has been a challenging season for Courtney as she is the youngest player on her team, she just turned 15 and she is playing with 16 & 17 year old girls. Courtney had a great weekend playing hockey and getting to know here team-mates, these are memories she will have forever, and so will I. Here is a photo I took of the team after they recieved their silver medals.

                                Congratulations West Island Midget A Royals !!!!



Monday, November 15, 2010

My Day with Jennifer McGuire !!!

     Yesterday I spent the day creating with Jennifer McGuire !!! My LSS hosted a full day of "Inking" classes with none other than Jennifer McGuire. She is simply amazing, so super sweet and talented!! We did a total of 24 projects, this class moved fast, but I learned so much, I never knew my inks could do all this...and the versatiltiy of my stamps too.  If you ever have the opportunity to take a class with Jennifer, I would highly recommend it!  Can you tell how excited I am about this experience, by the number of exclamation marks in this entry??  Thanks for stopping by, have a great day, everyone.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

First Project Up-load

      Today is Rememberance Day, It is a day that is very close to our hearts here in our house. Both my husband and I have relatives who served and some who lost their lives in  both world wars. I think it is very easy to take for granted our freedom, we need to stop and think once in awhile about this, and remind our children how lucky they are to live here.

Today I am going to upload my first project to my new Blog,
This is a layout I did of my Daughters Highschool Flag Football team, when they won their Championship.Thanks for stopping by, have a good one.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My first post on my new ( first) Blog !!

Hi There, this is my first post on my new Blog, not quite sure about all of this, but it seems I have to get with the times, LOL as my kids would say.

I guess this Blog will be for both my crafty life and maybe little bits of my family life too. I will try not to get to personal, focus mostly on my passion for all things crafty, mostly paper craft, scrapbooking, cardmaking & stamping, with a little holiday crafts thrown in here and there.

This is a learning process for me right now, so if anyone has any suggestions for me, please feel free to share!!

I guess that all for today, Have a great one, everyone !!