The Lavender Fields

Saturday, December 4, 2010

December 4th

     Well  today is December 4th, I am working, so not much happening today Christmas wise for me... but Pete put up the outside lights, I love this, when driving down our street, and you see all the light, it really puts me in the Christmas Spirit. 

     We have our Christmas present arriving on Monday, she is 13 weeks old, and has come from faraway... She is a new puppy. We had to have our 16 year old dog Tara put down this summer, it was not easy, she was like one of my kids, Pete found it very hard, because he had to take her to the vet,  & actually Cole went with him, I could not.... she was such a great dog!! We miss her terribly, and Pete said no more dogs, it was very hard for him... but I think Courtney & I broke him down finally. I find it so loney without a dog. So we applied at an animal rescue center, and she came for a visit on Thursday, and we got appoved! Yeah !!  She comes from James Bay, and was rescued before she was shot for her pelt... I will not say anymore  on this subject, because it makes me sooooo angry!!

This is her photo from the animal rescue web-site. Courtney wants to call her Kalli, and I think it suits her.  I will up-load more photos later, when she arrives and I can take some. I am looking forward to Monday. It will be fun to have a puppy around the house, I cannot wait to see her personality... She is a Lab mix??  Just from her visit with us, she is super friendly and very smart!! 

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